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The National Rice Conference 2016 consists of a conference on the 15th of April at the Lala Rookh Center, Paramaribo and a workshop on the 18th of April at BIC, Nieuw Nickerie and intends to bring the most important stakeholders within the sector together in order to collectively find an integral and coherent solution.


General information about the Rice Sector in Suriname

Rice Production in Suriname

Rice production has been an important contributor to Suriname’s GDP for many years. How have these numbers evolved over the years? How much of what type of rice does Suriname produce and export?

Read more on Rice Statistics & Facts

Value Chain of Rice in Suriname

The Value Chain of Rice Production in Suriname involves many steps and consists of intensive collaboration between various interconnected actors within the process of cultivation, irrigation, harvesting and post-harvesting. Read More.

Local Rice Producers

Learn more about the most influential Rice Producers in Suriname and their role within the production and innovation processes.

About Us

The National Rice Conference 2016 is an initiative primarily of five well-involved experts in the rice sector of Suriname.

Realizing the strong existing necessity for improvement of the rice production utilization, enhancement of the rice quality and achieving efficiency gains from optimization of the rice supply chain, the founders of this organization intend to contribute to this.

Through increased and narrow collaboration between all important stakeholders in the rice sector including the Government of Suriname, the rice sector issues can be examined and thus mitigated.

Arthur Zalmijn

Arthur Zalmijn has dedicated most of his life’s work to the rice sector and has executed various missions on an international scale in order to contribute to development of the rice sector and also gained much involvement and expertise during his time as minister of Agriculture.

Arthur ZalmijnAgricultural Consultant
Ir. Robert Elmont

Ir. Robert Elmont is a well-known expert in the rice field with deep involvement within the rice sector of Suriname, due to large in-field projects.

Ir. Robert ElmontSenior AgriBusiness Consultant
Ir. Winston Ramautarsing

Winston Ramautarsing has over 20 years consultancy and field experience in the agricultural sector of Suriname, mainly specialized in the production of rice.

Ir. Winston RamautarsingEconomist & Agricultural Consultant

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