On this page our organization gladly answers the most common questions!

  • About the National Rice Conference 2016

    – Which audience is mainly targeted at this rice conference?

    Answer: All important stakeholders in the rice sector of Suriname such as the rice producers, farmers, exporters, the ministry of LVV and other interested persons such as students, potential entrepreneurs et cetera are welcome to attend this comprehensive and value-adding conference.

    – When & where will this take place exactly?

    Answer: On the 15th of April 2016 at the Lala Rookh Center, Paramaribo, Suriname. The first workshop will take place on the 18th of April 2016 in Nieuw-Nickerie.

    – How can I register for this event?

    Answer: By signing up the register form http://suriname-rice.com/registration/

    – What will the programme look like?

    Answer: Full attendance is strongly suggested. The programme mainly comprises of a variety of discussions from key speakers and experts in the sector. You can see the preliminary programme on the page of the National Rice Conference.

    – How much is the cost of registration for the National Rice Conference 2016?

    Answer: After you have registered, we ask you kindly to complete the payment of the participation fee by transferring it to:

    Bankrekening SPSB: Rekening
    Naam: W. Ramautarsing
    Rekening: Nationale Rijst Conferentie

    Note: ***Participation is FREE for students***

    The participation fee is for both the Rice Conference on the 15th of April and the first Rice Workshop on the 18th of April SRD 75,- per day. Thus, if you will be attending both days the amount you have to transfer is 2 x SRD 75,- = SRD 150,-. If you only wish to participate on one of the two days, the amount you have to pay is 1 x SRD 75,- = SRD 75,-. Payment of the participation fee(s) are also possible on the day itself prior to the beginning of the programme.
    This fee is contributory to the organization and fully includes lunch and drinks, presentations from both local and international experts and a strong value enhancing package of information and knowledge.