You can register here to attend the National Rice Conference 2016. This registration is officially opened until 10 april 2016.

After you register successfully, you will be sent a reminder email with further information and preparatory documents regarding the rice conference approximately a week before the conference.

After registering, we will ask you kindly to complete the payment of the participation fee(s) by transferring it to:

Bankrekening SPSB: Rekening
Naam: W. Ramautarsing
Rekening: Nationale Rijst Conferentie

The participation fee is for both the Rice Conference on the 15th of April and the first Rice Workshop on the 18th of April SRD 75,- per day. Thus, if you will be attending both days the amount you have to transfer is 2 x SRD 75,- = SRD 150,-. If you only wish to participate on one of the two days, the amount you have to pay is 1 x SRD 75,- = SRD 75,-. Payment of the participation fee(s) is also possible on the day itself prior to the beginning of the programme.
*This fee is contributory to the organization and fully includes lunch and drinks, presentations from both local and international experts and a strong value enhancing package of information and knowledge.*

Register To Attend The National Rice Conference 2016